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ALIVE Holistic Space is about empowering your life and your environment through metaphysical science and alternative healing. We provide you with alternative therapies and metaphysical alignment which promotes better energy flow and vibration; and lead to positive expansion in your life. 

Restoration and rejuvenating the well-being of your mind, body and soul will bring you positive transformative experiences.


Living in a busy world, full of obligations and demands, seems to be normal and is routine for most of us. Everything speeds us up: results, responsibilities, and the desire to be the best at all costs in an extremely competitive world. Many times we exceed our limit, without even realizing the harm it causes us, and even with our bodies complaining and our minds restless, we keep going, without paying attention to the signs that arise: body aches, lack of sleep, hypertension, stress, excessive fatigue, and discomfort.

I learned that it is necessary to stop, take a break, and give ourselves the right to immerse in a new world... That's how I discovered the healing power of sounds. Music is undoubtedly a universal language that touches our inner areas; it transports us to the most diverse sensations, marks phases of our lives, discovers possibilities, calms the soul, or accelerates us... A few months ago, I discovered with my gyrotonics teacher that music can also be a promoter of healing and well-being through sound therapy.

By her recommendation, I had my first sound healing session during a trip to Bali. It was an incredible, relaxing, innovative experience and became a milestone in my life. Upon returning to Singapore, where I have lived for the past 10 years, I started having weekly sound healing sessions with my gyrotonics teacher, and every day I felt better, more relaxed, rested, free to make choices calmly, breathe, seeing quality of life.

The interesting and impressive thing is that I found the sound healing sessions in Singapore with the gyrotonics teacher much better than the experience in Bali. With her, I found in each new session a moment to learn how to slow down and relax in a cozy and welcoming environment. In each session, I can enjoy true therapeutic sound and find new paths to what I thought was impossible, and everything adjusts. I found my well-being, improved sleep quality, reduced body aches, calmed my soul, my blood pressure is more controlled, improved my sensitive vision of pleasure and peace, I have control of my emotions, I feel really much better. Sound healing is truly a sonic massage in the mind that awakens our well-being and helps the entire physical and emotional body. Sound healing really manages to gradually purify our body from this polluted and busy world. I discovered that with each session, my body and mind are recovering, it's like they are reprogramming themselves... As if I were in a rough sea and now moved to a calmer and more peaceful time. Brain waves tend to accelerate for various reasons, but with each new session, I return to readjust them. Today was my last session in Singapore, I return to Brazil, my home country, after 10 years here.

I am immensely grateful to my teacher Alethea for all her efforts in helping me, for her affection, dedication, and all the patience in each gyrotonics session and in each sound healing session. I carry all her teachings in my heart, I will miss her very much, but I will certainly apply them in my daily life and I will look for a new place to continue with sound healing. Thank you, teacher Alethea, I will miss you, thank you, Singapore, until we meet again.


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