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Crystal Reading

Crystal readings are a spiritual and empowering way to rediscover your inner self.  It also help to release energy blockages and bring healing and balance into your life.

Crystals reflect our emotions and feelings and each stone radiates a different energy and has its own vibration. The readings focuses on the energies which you will work with in the coming cycle of your life and guide you on how best to work with those coming energies. By exploring your chosen crystal energies, it helps to provide understanding on what the deepest realms of your mind is trying to communicate and can also identify energy blocks which can inhibit your personal growth. 

It’s not a psychic, tarot or fortune telling reading. It is also not about future predictions or future outcomes. It is about this moment, right now, and how you decide to show up to your own life to create the future outcomes you desire. 


The crystals we are drawn to are more times than not the crystal that we need for healing.

This is a remote crystal reading session that is meant to help you discover your inner self and identify your current energy blocks . Do take the time to read and understand the purposes of this service, and instructions on what to do next before ordering.


Choose your crystals in this


Choose up to 3 crystals for a reading.​

Next complete the 

​Once you have choosen your crystals and completed the order request, proceed to make the payment through PayNow for Singpore orders or PayPal for overseas orders. Remember to reference your name in the payment.






Please screenshot your payment and send it to together with your name.

PayNow for Singapore Orders Scan here


PayPal for Overseas Orders Click Here


Once we have receive your order request and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you and your crystal reading report will be sent to your email within 1 week.

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