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White Sand and Stone

Alethea Chor

Sound Healing Practitioner

Alethea is a sound healing practitioner who helps people connect with their higher senses and live more fulfilling lives. She has been studying and practicing alternative healing modalities since 2015, and her work is constantly evolving as she continues to learn and grow.

Alethea began her formal training in 2015 with Ashati Institute, where she received attunement to various energy systems, including Reiki, Ashati, Alsemia and Seichem. Since then, she has completed a variety of courses and trainings, including: Munay-Ki by Victoria Webby, Auset Temple Healing, Auset Divination and Angels Miracle courses by Elizabeth Jensen (facilitated by The Blue Lotus), Sound Healing and Meditation Instructor Course – Master (Lotus Mindfulness, Nepal), Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy by Jessie Lee (Soleil Trinity) and the Singing Bowl Gallery, Tasseography – Tea Leaves Reading by Jessie Lee (Soleil Trinity).

In addition to her work as a sound healing practitioner, Alethea is also a licensed GYROTONIC® Method Trainer, certified Pilates and Qigong teacher at ALIVE Movement Studio. She believes that mindful movement is essential for holistic health, and she integrates these modalities to help her clients connect with their bodies and their inner wisdom. Alethea's holistic approach to healing takes into account of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person's well-being. She is a compassionate and caring practitioner who is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential in a holistic approach. She believes that all of these aspects are interconnected, and that healing one aspect can have a positive impact on the others.

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