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Tarot/Angel Oracle Card Reading

Do you have a question or something in your life that you're wondering?

Life is full of uncertainties, and we all have ways of dealing with them. Most of us prepare ahead of time and hope for the best. In some cases, we just let nature take its course. However, some uncertainties can take a huge toll on your life. For instance, the few days or weeks before making a big life decision can be intimidating. When your love life is in shambles, you may need a little extra guidance and insight to deal with your curiosities and uncertainties.

For most people, tarot/angel oracle card readings have proven to help provide clarity and peace of mind when at a crossroads in life.


This is a remote tarot/angel oracle card reading session. In your card reading you will receive 3 cards that depict your question. I will interpret the cards and send it in an email to you together with the photo of the cards drawn. I will also include any other messages, guidance, or words of motivation that come through to me. I chose the card decks based on what I feel guided towards.  If you need any clarification, you may message me and I will try to answer them.

I can do readings on the subject below but not limited to:

  • Past || Present || Future 

  • Current situation || Obstacle || The solution 

  • Situation || Action || Outcome 

  • Context of situation || Where to focus || Outcome 

  • Where do you stand now || What you aspire to || How to get there 

  • What you aspire to || What is standing in your way || How you can overcome this 

  • What will help you || What will hinder you || What is your unrealized potential 

  • What you can change || What you can't change || What you may not be aware of 

  • What worked well || What didn't work well || Key Learnings 

  • You || The other person || The relationship 

  • What you want from the relationship || What they want from the relationship || Where the relationship is heading

  • Opportunities || Challenges || Outcome


Next you may complete the order request form for your reading. Order Request

Tarot/Angel Oracle Card Reading

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